Basic Text – Recovery and Relapse, Chapter 7

We take the First Step. We admit that we are powerless over our addiction, that our lives have become unmanageable. Slowly things get better, and we start getting our confidence back. Our ego tells us that we can do it on our own. Things are getting better, and we think we really don’t need this program. Cockiness is a red light indicator. The loneliness and paranoia will come back. We find out that we can’t do it on our own and things get worse. We really take the First Step, this time internally. There will be times, however, when we really feel like using. We want to run, and we feel lousy. We need to be reminded of where we came from and that it will be worse this time. This is when we need the program the most. We realize we must do something.

Basic Text, 6th ed, page 81
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