COACNA stands for the Central Ohio Area Convention of Narcotics Anonymous. It is held once every two years. The next one will be January 3-5, 2020. It is called COACNA 28: The Point of Freedom.

Click here for a copy of the COACNA Policy, version 8, revised October, 2017. 

There are many subcommittees  within the COACNA Committee such as registration, programing, fundraising, welcoming, treasurer, secretary, hotel & hospitality, merchandising, serenity keepers, arts & graphics, etc. It takes a lot of work, organization, coordination and cooperation to pull off a great Convention. See the list of positions, the names of the trusted servants filling certain positions, and the list of open positions still available below.

One of the main goals of many of us who work on, or do work on behalf of, the COACNA committee is to foster a sense of strength through diversity, unity and inclusion among the wild, weird and wonderful world of our Fellowship.

COACNA hosts many fundraising and speaker jam events throughout the 2 year cycle to build and maintain enthusiasm for the Convention which is always very popular and well attended. If we don’t see you as a member of the Convention Committee sooner, then we look forward to seeing you at the Convention in 2020!

Click here to be redirected to our Events Calendar COACNA listing, which has information on the hotel, maps, and other details. (Note that parking comes with in-and-out privileges; you only pay one flat rate per day no matter how many times you need to come and go.)

And just FYI, many of the larger Areas in our Ohio Region also have conventions. Dayton has one in July and Cincinnati has one in November. The Ohio Region also has a yearly convention, usually held in May. See our main Events Calendar for more information.

And follow your Central Ohio Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get up-to-the minute information on the Convention and other great events happening in the Central Ohio Area!

  COACNA committee members
Chair Ben L / / (614) 580-5128
Vice Chair Open
Treasurer Holly B /
Vice Treasurer Candy C /
Secretary April D /
COACNA            Cmtee            Meeting: See calendar below; the next meeting will be on Sunday, July 1st.
Welcoming Shadena C / email:
Vice Welcoming Robyn M / email and phone not to be made public
Welcoming Cmtee Meeting: TBD
Fundraising Both the Chair and Vice Chair positions are open
Serenity Keeper Tyler W / / (614) 929-0525
Vice Serenity Aaron /
Serenity Cmtee Meeting: TBD
Merchandise Danya G /
Vice Merch Open
Merch Cmtee Meeting: TBD
Programming Donna D / / (609) 582-9328
Vice Program Liz C / email and phone not to be made public
Program Cmtee Meets:   2nd Tuesday of the month, 6pm, OSU East Cafeteria
181 Taylor Ave, Columbus OH 43203
Meeting flier  Pending
Program Info: Send zip files of speakers to
  Send CDs of speakers to: COACNA 28 / ATTN: Programming / PO # 91191 / Columbus, OH 43209
  Speaker CD/zip file cut off date is July 1, 2019
  Main Speakers: 5 or more years clean time
  Workshop Speakers: 2 or more years clean time
Speaker flyer Click here to get the speaker flier
Registration Lisa G / / (240) 472-4150
Vice Registration Yusuf E / / (484) 624-9582
Registration Cmtee Meeting: TBD
Hotels & Hospitality Both the Chair and Vice Chair positions are open
Arts & Graphics DeVona A /
Vice Arts & Graphics Aly H /