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The Central Ohio Area Convention of Narcotics Anonymous (COACNA) hosts a convention every two years. The next one will be in Columbus, Ohio on January 5-7, 2018. Click the link below to register online. You will be redirected to a Survey Monkey site where you can enter your information to begin the registration process.

Click here to register online for COACNA XXVII Point of Freedom: Unity Through Diversity. 

Click here to download a paper copy of the registration form, which can be printed and distributed at your meetings. 

COACNA 27 Point of Freedom: Unity Through Diversity is asking each group to purchase a full registration packet for a newcomer of their choice. The cost is $60 and includes the banquet. Click here for the flier.

***Nominations for COACNA 28***
Everyone is welcome to come and get involved in the nomination process for COACNA 28 (which will be held in 2020). Please come and participate in the discussions about the various executive committees and subcommittees, and join us for nominating trusted servants to serve on those committees.
Please note that this nomination and voting process occurs over two meetings (Saturday, December 2 and Sunday, December 10), and you must attend BOTH meetings to be eligible to vote.

Click here for a flier with this information about COACNA 28 nominations, and contact our Convention Chair Ben L if you have questions: (614) 580-5128.

Click here for a copy of the Convention policy, which includes descriptions of all positions.

See the calendar below for the dates and locations of all the COACNA subcommittee meetings.. The calendar also includes meeting info for all other COASCNA subcommittees.