Hospitals & Institutions

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The Hospitals & Institutions Subcommittee (H&I) has over 30 volunteers who take H & I meetings to over 15 institutions per week. We need members with  at least 6 months clean to go into treatment centers, or more than 1 year clean to go into jails.
Check the calendar below to confirm the day, date and location of the monthly service meeting, or reach out to the contact person or call the Area Office. If the regularly scheduled service meeting falls on a holiday then there could be a change. If you have any questions please contact us by phone or email.
1st Sundays 3pm
Contact Sam F
(614) 290-9545


Click here for a copy of Central Ohio H&I Policy.

Click here for a copy of NA’s 12 Concepts for Service

Click here for a copy of NA’s Guide to Local Service.

Here is a list of current commitments that the H&I Subcommittee maintains. Through the effort of dozens of volunteers each week, the subcommittee reaches nearly 1,000 people. This information is current as of 12/18/2017. If you would like to get involved please attend an H&I subcommittee meeting, or contact Sam F directly. We have a lot of treatment centers, etc. that request H&I to come in, but we do not have enough volunteers to meet the demand. If you have time in your schedule to perform this valuable service, please contact Sam F to see what can be worked out.

Facility Day of Week Time Frequency Panel Leader
CBCF (Men) Friday 7:00 p.m. Bi-weekly Chuck M
CBCF (Men) Saturday 7:00 p.m. Bi-weekly Chuck M
CBCF (Women) Thursday 6:00PM Weekly Samantha F
Corrections Reception Center Wednesday 6:00 p.m. 2nd and 4th Fred P
Delaware County Jail (Men) Saturday 6:00 p.m. Weekly Larry K
Delaware County Jail (Women) Sunday 6:00 p.m. Weekly OPEN
Dublin Springs Tuesday 7:00pm Weekly Yusuf E
FCCCI Monday 7:00 p.m. Weekly Terence H
London Correctional Institution Thurdsay 6:00 p.m. 3rd Week John G
Madison Correctional Institution Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Weekly OPEN
Maryhaven (Detox) Sunday 12:30 p.m. Weekly Patti H.
ORW Monday 6:00 p.m. 3rd and 4th Vicky J
Parkside (Detox) Friday 7:30 p.m. Weekly Ben P
Parkside (Information) Monday 6:00 p.m. Weekly Andrew W
Pickaway Tuesday 6;00 p.m. Bi-weekly Troy S / Chuck H
Recovery Works Thursday 7:00pm Weekly Patrick H
Salvation Army Thursday 7:30 p.m. Weekly Thomas
Workhouse (Men) Saturday 1:30 p.m. Weekly Terence H
Workhouse (Women) Saturday 12:00 p.m. Weekly Vicky J / Rona