Literature Survey

The 2018 CAR (Conference Agenda Report) literature survey is underway. This is your opportunity to have a voice in what (if any) new literature our Fellowship will focus on developing in the coming years.

There are many possible choices; some of them include:

  1. Literature targeted to: atheists and members with non-mainstream spiritual beliefs, veterans, older members, younger members, and gay and lesbian members.
  2. Service material focused on our public image, sponsorship behind the walls basics, GSR orientation material, and Area treasurer’s and budgeting basics.
  3. Issue Discussion Topics (IDTs) on simplicity and flexibility in service, respecting our differences and building our unity, attracting members to service, and getting youth and newcomers involved.

By clicking here you will be taken to the Projects & Surveys site. Once there click on the 2018 CAR Literature Survey. You will then be redirected to a Survey Monkey site where you can make your selections and submit your choices.

We have created a PDF of the Survey Monkey site so that you can review and consider your selections before going to the site. You can also print the PDF and distribute it at your groups so that more members of our Fellowship are aware of this opportunity to have a say in our Program’s literature. (NOTE: You cannot use the PDF or a paper copy to actually make your choices. You can only do that via a computer, smart phone or tablet.)

Click here to access the PDF of the Survey Monkey Literature Survey.