Public Relations : Awareness Campaign

Our goal is to raise enough money to run an awareness campaign using billboards and print ads. This is so we can let the general population in our Area know that Narcotics Anonymous exists and is a credible program of recovery in our community. (NOTE: Donations are only accepted from members of Narcotics Anonymous. Our 12 Traditions guide us to decline outside contributions from non-members. Members are people who identify as addicts or believe that they have a problem with drugs.) After the awareness campaign is funded we’ll have an event to celebrate, so this is a like a fundraiser in reverse order.

To make a donation see one of the following people. (Donations can also be made by mail; contact Paul M at for details.) You will be given a receipt. Public Relations will make regular fundraising reports at its monthly subcommittee meeting and at the monthly Area Service meeting, and all of the financial information will be audited.

Nate S, homegroup is Grandview Candlelight on Thursday nights
Jeff B, homegroup is Gay, Joyous and Free on Saturday nights
Beth T, homegroup is Out In Recovery on Tuesday nights
Paul M, homegroup is Out in Recovery on Tuesday nights

Have questions about “attraction rather than promotion” and the 11th Tradition guiding us to maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and film? Click on this link to read the full version of our Fellowship’s  PR Handbook.  For the shorter handbook, with just the basics, click on this link:  PR Basics handbook. 

Here are some examples of NA Awareness Campaigns done in other parts of the US and across the world:

Click on the picture to go to Germany’s NA site, where you can scroll down a bit to watch the full PSA. Or, you can watch a slightly shorter version by going to Check it out!
A billboard outside of Ft. Collins, Colorado.
A sign for a regional office in India.
A bus ad written in Persian.
A multi-lingual bench ad in San Fernando
An ad at a bus stop in Peru
A bus ad in Northern Illinois
A billboard in South America

German NA business cards