NA Awareness Campaign & Gratitude Gathering

Success! The first billboard went up on Tuesday, 09/04/2018 on Broad Street and Chase (near Hague) and was there for four weeks. The second one went up on Monday, 09/10/2018 on Cleveland Ave and 13th and was there for four weeks. Two more billboards went up in October (Harmon at Greenlawn, and Sullivant at Hague) each running for at least four weeks as well. Thanks to all those who could contribute in order to carry the message to the addict who still suffers and to our general community. The billboards will reach an estimated 200,000 people in our Area! 

Please consider joining us for a humble Gratitude Gathering on Saturday, November 17th. We will have coffee, donuts, a variety of games, and plenty of fellowship. It will be at the Parson’s Ave Branch of the Columbus Library. Click here for a flier or go to our Events Calendar for details.

IP #16 “For the Newcomer” reminds us that “You don’t have to wait for an overdose or jail sentence to get help from NA…” Also, in our literature “It Works: How and Why” we are reminded of the following: “The principle of service, critical to the application of our Eleventh Tradition, is not a passive principle. To be of maximum service to the still-suffering addict, we must energetically seek to carry our message throughout our cities, towns and villages. Our public relations policy is based on attraction, to be sure, not promotion. But to attract the still-suffering addict to our program of, we must take vigorous steps to make our program widely known. The better and broader our public relations, the better we will be able to serve.” (page 207)

Have questions about “attraction rather than promotion” and the 11th Tradition guiding us to maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and film? Click on this link to read the full version of our Fellowship’s  PR Handbook.  For the shorter handbook, with just the basics, click on this link:  PR Basics handbook. 

Here are some examples of NA Awareness Campaigns done in other parts of the US and across the world:

Click on the picture to go to Germany’s NA site, where you can scroll down a bit to watch the full PSA. Or, you can watch a slightly shorter version by going to Check it out!
A billboard outside of Ft. Collins, Colorado.
A sign for a regional office in India.
A bus ad written in Persian.
A multi-lingual bench ad in San Fernando
An ad at a bus stop in Peru
A bus ad in Northern Illinois
A billboard in South America

German NA business cards