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Various times; click link for more info NA by phone
Phone meeting for those unable to attend a meeting in person (while remembering that our fellowship strongly encourages all members to attend meetings in real time).
Open, Rotating
Click on link above to find instructions for meeting by phone.
8:15 am Meshugeneh Group
Summit United Methodist Church
82 E. 16th Ave., Columbus (OSU Campus)
Open, Discussion
9:30 am I Can’t, We Can
The Commons at Grant – Community Room
398 South Grant Ave., Columbus (East)
Open, Basket, Participation
10:00 am First Things First Group
Maple Grove United Methodist Church
7 W. Henderson Rd, Columbus (North)
Open, Rotating
12:00 pm Just for Today Group
Maple Street United Methodist Church
438 E. Wheeling St, Lancaster (Southeast)
Open, Rotating
3:00 pm We Came To Believe Group
Mt. Vernon A.M.E. Church
1127 Mt Vernon Ave, Columbus, OH 43203
Open, Discussion, Literature
Rear entrance; 1st and 3rd week is Open Discussion; 2nd week Basic Text; 4th week Journey Continues; 5th week an IP read
5:00 pm Right Living Group
Bell Center
813 Bryden Rd (Use Rear Entrance), Columbus (East)
Open, Literature, Needs support
Fellowshipping starts at 4 PM
6:30 pm Saturday Night Live Group
1791 Alum Creek Dr., Columbus (East)
Open, Speaker
7:00 pm Recovery is Real Group
New Horizons United Methodist Church
1665 Harrisburg Pike, Columbus (West)
Open, Discussion, JFT Meditation, Children welcome
Group meets in the church sanctuary.
7:00 pm Reynoldsburg Saturday NA Group
Crosswalk Church
751 Rosehill Road, Reynoldsburg (East)
Open, Rotating
7:00 pm Transformers Group
169 Grove Street Suite H, Marysville (Northwest)
Open, Discussion, Participation
7:30 pm Freedom Through Fellowship Group
Talbot Hall – OSU Hospitals East
1441 Clifton Ave., Columbus (East)
Open, Speaker, Children welcome
7:30 pm Gay, Joyous and Free Group 
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
404 S. 3rd St., Columbus (Central)
Open, Discussion, Literature, Rotating, Gay/lesbian
(Corner of Fulton and South 3rd – downtown
7:30 pm Saturday School Group
Indianola Presbyterian Church
1970 Waldeck , Columbus (OSU Campus)
Open, Rotating
10:00 pm Animal House Group
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
30 W Woodruff Ave, Columbus, OH 43210
Open, Discussion

Meeting Definitions

Adults only
Children are not allowed at this meeting, adults only

Babysitting available at the meeting

Draw a topic from a basket and shares on that topic

Candlelight meeting

Chairperson’s choice meeting

Children welcome
Children are welcome to attend this meeting

Meeting for addicts only or those who feel they may have a problem with drugs

Topics are brought up and discussed

Gay/lesbian common needs meeting

NA literature is read and discussed

Practice meditation during the meeting

Men’s common needs meeting

Needs support
Meeting needs support from members with experience

Meeting open to the general public

Each addict discusses a topic of his/her choice

Format of the meeting rotates

A recovering addict shares his/her experience

Discussion of steps or traditions

Women’s common needs meeting

Write on topics and share what was written